Loving Mother Teaching
Ceremony for the Distribution of the Ashes of His Holiness

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bon Shen Ling Temple
65-55 Maurice Avenue, Woodside, Queens, New York

11am - 5pm

Lunch, tea and snacks will be served. 

Participation is reserved for practitioners only.
Registration fee $100.


Bon Shen Ling

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Chongtul Rinpoche will initiate participants into working with the primordial goddess Yum Chen Sherab Chamma, an enlightened being whose name means “The Great Wisdom Loving Mother.” Rinpoche will teach students how to deal with anxiety and negative emotions using the Bön Loving Mother Mantra. The Love and Compassion Mantra is a powerful meditation to initiate inner transformation and joy. This powerful technique can help you relieve stress and confusion by allowing compassion to bring stability to your life.

Yum Chen Sherab Chamma is the Great Loving Mother of Bon, source of peace, embodiment of love and compassion, and the Mother of all enlightenment. Sherab Chamma is the source of all love and compassion. All Bon deities come from her and she is the compassionate and wise mother of all. She holds a mirror (melong) in her left hand which reflects the purity of her heart and perfect understanding of the karma and suffering of all beings. The golden vase in her right hand contains the essence of the potential hopes, dreams and accomplishments of all who are committed to her. Her luminous golden body signifies the perfection (Dzog Ku) and dispels all obstacles and demonic forces. Sherab Chamma is available to everyone for comfort, guidance and healing.

Sherap Chamma first manifested into four directions (north, west, south, and east) from her physical body energy. Second, her speech emulated into the eight protectors for overcoming the eight fears. Third, her mind manifested into 16 protectors of self-awareness and self-knowing. Fourth, her quality and expressions transform into 32 protectors for purification and cleansing. Fifth, her passion or action energy multiplies into 52 deities of communication. Sherab Chamma is the universal perfection of the great loving mother who is encompassing the healing, protecting, and loving energy of the mother earth.


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