Gutor Chenmo Ceremony


Purification Rituals and Water Blessing

Saturday, February 25, 2017  4pm – 7pm

Bon Shen Ling Temple, Woodside, Queens, New York City

Advance registration and admission fee required. Deadline for registration Feb. 21, 2017 

Registration is now closed for this event.

Gutor Chenmo is an annual Tibetan ritual in the Bon monastic tradition. This special prayer event spans three days and includes almost 24 hours of rituals, the most important of which is a full set of rituals conducted for the great wrathful deities, Vajra Kilaya, the solar chakra deity (Phurpa) and the heart chakra deity (Tsochok). The third day of Gutor Chenmo is purification day, which falls this year on February 25th.

Here at Bon Shen Ling, Rinpoche will perform some parts of the purification rituals and cleansing water blessings in preparation for welcoming the New Year.

Event Details:  All are welcome to participate with advance registration. Tea and snacks will be provided. Please complete the registration form and PayPal button below and your name will be placed on the ceremony guest list. Entry to the ceremony may only be granted to preregistered participants. No door registrations or registrations after the Feb. 21, 2017 deadline are permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Admission: $25 Nonmembers; $23.75 Supporting Members; $22.50 Sustaining Members

What to bring: Donation dana are welcomed for the temple shrine and for His Holiness. Please bring two khatas and two envelopes for the offering at the conclusion of the ceremony. If you have Tibetan ceremonial dress, we welcome you to wear it at the temple.

Directions: Click here for directions to the temple.