Help Bon Shen Ling Carry Out Our Vision

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Bon Shen Ling. As a non-profit organization, our day-to-day operations are supported by the generous efforts of committed volunteers across the globe. We are in need of volunteers on both short and long term projects. We have several projects that one can work on remotely, but we also need help at our events and in our New York office. Our organization includes a vibrant team of volunteers and one paid administrator. We operate only through the dedication of many individuals, each contributing valuable time and skills. Please feel free to contact us at (917) 300-9254 or write to info@bonshenling.org for more information on getting involved, and to discuss how your interests can match Bon Shen Ling’s current needs


We are deeply appreciative of our generous volunteers

The following individuals went above and beyond to donate their services and time, many on simultaneous projects and tasks in conjunction with their professional full-time jobs, to help us carry out our vision: Vance Anderson, Pennsylvania – Merchandise Manager, 2007-2010 Anton Baraschi, New York – Event Manager, 2009- Present Cheri Brady, Massachusetts – Transcribing Teachings, 2008-Present Jonathan Chau, Hong Kong – Event Manager, 2006-Present Michele Darensbourg, California – Artist, 2008-2009 Kim Fun, Germany – Event Manager, 2008-2009 Cathy Granett, Pennsylvania – Children Sponsorship Volunteer, 2006-Present Laurie Hopkins, New York – Volunteer, 2008- Present Irene Jaffe, New York – Volunteer, 2009- Present Vicki Jenkins, Indiana – Event Manager, 2008- Present Mary Lanier, New York – Consultant, 2006- Present Michele Nur, Pennsylvania – Retreat Manager, 2009-Present Kal Nyer, Rhode Island – Visual Media, 2009-Present Chakrishar Thupten Nyima, New York – Website Design2006-2008 Elaine Peirce-Nikischer, New York – Volunteer, 2008-Present Runa Rosenfield, New York – Legal Consultant, 2009-Present Henri Tischler, New York  – Volunteer, 2008- Present Pacale Titley, New York – Event Manager, 2009- Present Karen Williams, England – Event Manager, 2009- Present