Bon Healing

Bon healing principles honor the integral link between spirituality and health, and the improvement of well-being through mind-body approaches. A Bon practice awakens our natural healing energies in the mind and body. The techniques are designed to deepen the practitioner’s connection with the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space), which are the energetic undercurrent that form and affect the physical world, including our bodies. One must improve lifestyle and environmental factors that adversely impact health and make adjustments to relieve unnecessary physical, mental, or spiritual stress. In addition, while what is digested in the physical body is important, what we digest in our psyches on the mental and emotional levels is equally important. True healing requires that we also locate these more subtle, though potent, mental and emotional patterns that may be at the root of a specific health condition. Hence, the therapeutic value of meditation and chanting practices is highly regarded in Bon healing modalities. As the world faces many modern challenges and fears, including epidemics and new diseases, a daily prayer and mantra recitation are among many ways we can awaken our innate healing powers and contribute to the healing of ourselves, humanity, and the planet earth.

Bon Prayers

As a Tibetan Bon Master, Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche has received the highest Bon transmissions and training available from the age of eight, and is now offering healing prayers to all those who request. The following are the most powerful Bon prayers:

Tse Dup

    Soul Healing Long Life Prayer

Sherap Chamma

Successful Life Prayer (Loving Mother Prayer)

Sung Ma Thrin Chol

 Accumulating merit and fortune (prayer flag and incense offering)

Choe me

 Releasing the struggle with darkness (butter lamp offering)

Doo Dok

Cleansing of obstacles

 Nam Jom

Expelling demonic nightmares

Chung Mar

 Banishing Nagas (conquering negative spirits)


 Prayer for the deceased



Prayers for the Deceased


Phowa is a special prayer for those who have passed. An ideal Phowa ritual would be held within three days of the passing and up to 49 days. It is suitable to ask Rinpoche to perform a Phowa prayer on behalf of the parting of a dear one. Tibetans traditionally invite a high lama to perform a Phowa prayer for their deceased. During the first three days of the passing, Tibetan symbols are placed on the deceased’s body and a special prayer Bar Do Theo Trol performed by nuns, monks, and lay spiritual practitioners. On the third day, an additional prayer called Jhang Zhu is performed by a Rinpoche. Jhang Zhu means communication through the spirit realm to feed and advise the deceased. This is offered seven times by a Rinpoche weekly for 49 days on the last day of each week. The fourth day marks the first day of the 49 day ritual called Zher Gu. On this day, preferably not a Sunday, you may offer the body to the element of choice: fire (cremation), earth (burial), water, and wind (offerings to the vultures). Most Bon families also offer the Thousand Enlightenment Prayer or Flower Prayer called Me Tok Choe Pa for the 49 day ritual. A Flower Prayer ritual is performed for 49 days and on the last day of each week, a Rinpoche is invited to hold a Jhang Zhu. Below is a brief outline of the nature of the Jhang Zhu 7-week prayer. After 49 days, we hope the soul has chosen a nice rebirth in a family that enables them to help many people.


  First week Jhang Zhu liberates the spirit from anger and the hell realm.
 Second week Jhang Zhu liberates the spirit from attachment and the hungry ghost realm.
  Third week Jhang Zhu liberates the spirit from ignorance and the animal realm.
 Fourth week Jhang Zhu liberates the spirit from jealousy and a lower birth in the human realm.
  Fifth week Jhang Zhu liberates spirit from pride and the demons realm.
  Sixth week Jhang Zhu liberates spirit from all five poisons and the formless deity realm.
Seventh week Jhang Zhu liberates the spirit from the six sins produced from the objects of cognition and Bardo fears


To request a healing prayer from Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, please visit our page:  Prayer Request