His Holiness Gyalwa Menri Trizin, the 33rd Abbot of Menri Bon Monastery, is the spiritual head of the Tibetan Bon religion.

His Holiness

Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, the founder of Bon, embodied three different paths to enlightenment: Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen.

Bon History

Menri Monastery (Medicine Hill) has been the ‘Mother Tongue’ of the Bon Tradition since 1405AD.

Menri Story

A growing international listing of Bon masters, monasteries, organizations, and centers.

Bon References

A present list of Bon teachings offered by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche

Bon Teachings

Bon healing principles honor the integral link between spirituality and health, and the improvement of well-being through mind-body approaches.

Bon Healing

A guide for those attending a weekend teaching with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche for the first time.

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