New to Bon Teachings

Bon10What a wonderful spiritual adventure we are all on! For those of you who are new to spiritual practice, Bon, or Bon Shen Ling, we look forward to meeting you and hope that you experience directly the joy of your heart that has brought you to the teaching.

Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche engages a teaching style that is easy to grasp by westerners, he speaks and comprehends English very well. He is a humorist at times, but also a traditional strong teacher that elevates the mind of his students through a engaging style. Here are some basic things to expect for a weekend teaching with Rinpoche:


A Typical Workshop Schedule: 

The teachings will start at 10 am and end at 5 pm.  We will take a short morning and afternoon tea and coffee break. There will be an extended break for lunch each day so that participants have time to eat lunch in town or enjoy a picnic lunch they have brought along. Everyone should be able to find some food to their liking in the area, but sometimes we may be in a remote location with limited food choices.  If you have special dietary needs, you might bring along some of your own food just in case.


What to Wear and Bring

Wear comfortable, casual but modest clothing. Bring a spill proof water bottle, notebook, pen, and camera. At most of our events, if you want to sit on the floor for the teaching, you will need to bring your own cushions. Chairs will be provided for everyone.



Teaching Location

If you are coming from out of town, do not hesitate to contact the event manager or the office. We will assist with local accommodations, transportation, and parking details.


Early Registration

It is a great feeling to be spontaneous and we usually welcome walk-ins when it does not exceed room capacity for public events and lectures.
However, we highly appreciate early registration and encourage you to take advantage of the early bird discount pricing for two reasons: it helps you save some green and also helps us prepare better for your visit (such as preparing the right amount of teaching materials, setting up seating before the event, and requesting the help of volunteers to assist with bigger groups.


Bon Shen Ling Projects, Memberships and Shop

A staff member or volunteer will be available to share Bon Shen Ling’s projects and sponsorship program for Tibetan Bon refugee children, monks and nuns.  It is a wonderful gift of the heart to sponsor such a child.  New memberships, and a donation of any size are always appreciated. There will be some Tibetan items available for sale at the workshop.


Blessing at End of Teaching

At the end of a teaching it is traditional to make an offering to the Rinpoche with a ceremonial white scarf called a khata and if you wish, dana, a white envelope with a monetary donation of any amount you choose.  This is an auspicious sign. With your donation you are assisting Rinpoche with his many charities and projects.  White envelopes will be provided to anyone who needs one, and khatas will be offered for a small fee at the registration table.


Teaching Jitters

For those of you who have never attended a Tibetan Bon teaching, don’t be nervous!  The atmosphere will be respectful but relaxed.