About Sponsorship

The sponsorship program provides for Tibetan Bon children’s cultural, educational, and basic needs. Our goal is to teach Bon children skills that will allow them to thrive in the high tech world of today through higher education. Your sponsorship helps them pursue a higher education as well as supports a child with their  immediate needs such as clothing, nutrition and medical care. Supporting a child’s education is the most generous and compassionate act of love in Bon teachings.


kushoWhere are the children we currently support?

  • Bon Nunnery
  • Menri Monastery ~ Dolanji, India
  • The Regional Tibetan Bon Cultural Center ~ Ladakh, India
  • Various Universities and Colleges ~ India
  • Chongtsang Monastery Dialectic School

With your support, we hope to expand to support Bon children in Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal and South Africa.


Who are the children?

The children are often from Tibet and Nepal, and come under the care of a monastery or cultural center for thBon05eir sustenance and education. Many children at Menri Monastery are supported by the Bon Foundation and other non-government organizations, and Bon Shen Ling provides additional assistance as well. There are three types of children: orphans (minority), children of parents who reside in India and sent them to Menri for a Bon education, and children with refugee status whose parents/living relatives are in places such as Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and elsewhere are sent for a Bon education. By the end of 2009, Bon Shen Ling’s Children Sponsorship program supported 66 children and students.


How much does it cost to support a child annually?  

Your gift of any amount will assist a child’s educational and cultural needs as a general donation. A little over a dollar a day ($400) will provide an education, food and clothing for one child in the lower grades for a year.


How do I begin sponsorship?

There are three ways to designate where you would like to offer your gift of sponsorship:

  1. Quarterly donations to sponsor a Monk, Nun or Child
  2. Make a donation of any amount to the Sponsorship General Fund
  3. Make a donation of any amount to the Nunnery in Tibet



For more information, please contact Bon Shen Ling Sponsorship Director Dr. Irene Jaffe via email: children@bonshenling.org or phone: (718) 974-7473. Bon Shen Ling is a 501(c) non-profit and all contributions are tax-deductible to fullest extent permitted by law for United States residents.