Tse Dup Yang Bod


༄༅།།        གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་གྱི་བླ་དང་གཡང་གི་སྐོར་བླ་འགུག་ཚེ་འགུག་ཚེ་སྒྲུབས་གཡང་འབོད་ཀྱི་ཉམས་ལེན།

Tse Dup Yang Bod : Tibetan Bon Soul Healing

Tse means life force, Dup means to intensify, Yang refers to the energetic essence་of the soul, life force, and five elements, and Bod means to call or retrieve through respectful practice.


 Tse Dup Yang Bod is a Tibetan Bon healing and spiritual practice for balancing the soul, life force, and life. This teaching is based on the 7th century text, the Tse Dup Jha Ri Ma Nyen Dup, written by the great Bon Master, Lama Tsewang Rigzin.  The Tse Dup Jha Ri Ma Nyen Dup has three distinct ritual components: long life empowerment rituals, soul retrieval, and life force retrieval.  Soul retrieval (La Ghuk) and life force retrieval (Tse Ghuk), as well as honoring the five elements to regain life, have long been important in Tibetan Bon society and healing.

Bon11This Tse Dup teaching illuminates how our soul, life force, and life are carried by the body.  The foundation of good health is strong, balanced communication among the five organs of spleen, lung, liver, kidney, and heart with the five inner elements of flesh, breath, heat, blood, and mind, with the five external elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and space. When our life is strong, then our life force has a vitality that shines as the strength of our soul.  When our soul is strong, we are healthy.  Conversely, when an organ is weak due to disease, trauma or stress and its connection to these elements is blocked, the individual soul of that organ is not functioning well.  In addition to illness, this can lead to loss of the principal soul energy.  The most obvious sign of such soul loss is unexplainable long-term sickness, persistent lethargy, and increasing lack of interest in life.

This Tibetan Soul Healing modality offers the potential for a complete healing of that which is invisible and unexplainable to physical medicine.  Tse Dup provides a comprehensive teaching about how to determine the energetic root of disease and how to provide the energetic root of healing.  One learns how to build healing energy, how to work with the energetic essence of the five elements, and how to effectively utilize the energetic connections and communication pathways between the organs, elements, and soul energy. Invoking the healing power of the Long Life meditation mantra, channeling the five different types of healing energy, performing ritual soul retrieval and soul ransoming provide the energetic heart of the Tse Dup practice.

Teaching Format

Traditionally, Tse Dup Yang Bod is taught as a continuous 30 day retreat during which a Master will give the instructions, transmission, and empowerments of the practice. Since the Tse Dup Jha Ri Ma is so important in the Tibetan Bon, and because he realized the importance of sharing this teaching with Westerners, Chongtul Rinpoche has authentically adapted this teaching to a more practical format for today’s students.

The Tse Dup teaching will be presented in its entirety in three separate retreats over a three year period.Bon10

The First Tse Dup Yang Bod Wang (teaching):

  (10 day retreat)  Students  will:

  • Use the Long Life mantra to build healing energy
  • Learn the identifying characteristics and connections among the five directions, external and inner elements, organs, inner poisons and wisdoms
  •  Learn to recognize specific signs of soul and life force loss, as well as how to collect and generate the specific type of energy needed for healing by using the ritual arrow (Dadhar) and mirror (Melong)
  • Learn and practice yoga techniques (Trul Khor) to open energy channels
  • Learn the first four Preliminary Practice mantras

The Second Tse Dup Yang Bod Wang:

       (10 day retreat)  Students will build on the first year teachings as well as:

  • Learn to generate in one’s palms the essence of each of the five elemental energies.
  • Work with the yang, the highest quality of these energies
  • Learn techniques for reading soul energy, as well as traditional Bon divination techniques for determining if the soul energy has been successfully retrieved or if more healing work is needed
  • Learn the remaining Preliminary Practice mantras

 The Third Tse Dup Yang Bod Wang:

(10 day retreat)  The third year Wang represents a spiritual and energetic culmination of much detailed practice and dedication.  Students will:

  • Learn to assess soul dynamism
  • Engage in an overall synthesis of the Tse Dup practice for returning the soul to the life force, returning the life force to the life, and integrating the life into the Ni syllable.
  • Receive full transmission and empowerment of the Tse Dup Yang Bod teaching

Each 10 day residential retreat with Rinpoche will enable the student to recognize his/her own healing energy as well as the importance of sharing it to help heal this world.


Students will receive certificates at the end of the first and second Wangs, but in order to receive a final certificate of completion as a “Tse Dup Yang Bod Healer” [Drup Shen Pa or Drup Shen Ma], a student must have fully attended all three Wangs and have completed the instructions given at each previous Wang.

Bon Shen Ling strongly requests that students respect these guidelines and do not claim to be a Tse Dup Healer unless they have met the above criteria

We warmly welcome you to the next Tse Dup Yang Bod Wang certification program beginning in 2017 (dates to be announced). This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive the complete three year teaching in English from a high Tibetan Rinpoche who is a specialist in the soul energy rituals.

Photos from the First Tse Dup

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Tse Dup Yang Bod Disclaimer

Chongtul Rinpoche gave the inaugural teaching of the first Tse Dup Yang Bod Wang in 2008. In 2010, 42 students completed the three year certification training and received the title of “Drup Shen Pa” or “Drup Shen Ma” (certified Tse Dup Healer). In 2015, 30 students graduated from the three-year Tse Dup certification course begun in 2013. 

Certified Tse Dup Yang Bod Practitioners

(Drup Shenpas/Drup Shenmas) – 2010

Sharon Meader Albrecht
Anton Baraschi
Tamara E. Blesh 
Jorg Verhoeven Bon
Cheri Brady
Thomas Bringhurst
Susan Burg
Patricia Phang-Sang Chase
Janine Cheung
Peter Clark
Anna Marie Cole
Janet Gale
Denise Gelpi Aughtman
Catherine Granett
Diane Henry
Nancy Honda
Laurie Hopkins
Craigie Huston
Vicki Jenkins
Leigh Keeley
Elaine Cahan Koh
Thom Kraus
Pam Kuras
Janet Lee
Susan Newstead
Cheryl Norton
Kim Nguyen
Mitch Nur, PhD
Michele Nur
Gonen Oral
Mary Pegues
Elaine Peirce-Nikischer
Joan F. Ruggiero
Tania Smith
Marsha Stonehouse
Karin Tetlow
Henri Tischler
Larry Tuttle
Wenonah Tuttle
Jacqueline O. Vincelette
Melissa Vo
Judith Webster
Karen Williams


Certified Tse Dup Yang Bod Practitioners

(Drup Shenpas/Drup Shenmas) – 2015

Timothy Aitken
Suzanne Bird
Bo Blichfleldt
Cheri Brady
Anne Garnett
Robin Glaser
Catherine Granett
Heidi Harding
John Hearst
Vicki Jenkins
Adam Kane
Rita Kinkelaar
Jonathan Kramer
Kris Landry
Mary Ann Levitt
Cynthia Mattingly
Marie Meiffren
Sherry Mestel
Rosa Muratore
Moira Notargiacomo
Nigel Ogden
Gale Organist
JoAnn Pirrone
Nancy Roberts
Virginia Sanchez
Roberta Satori
Tania Smith
John (Mike) Taylor
Cheney Taylor
Sara Warner-Phillips