Vocational Training School and Cultural Center in India


A significant number of Tibetan Bonpo live in northern India in Dolanji, at or near Menri Monastery. Menri supports over 600 monks, nuns, and children, some of whom are orphaned and sent from poor regions in the borderlands of Tibet and Nepal for their sustenance and education. All resident students are educated through the tenth grade and may choose to continue with monastic training. At present, there are few higher educational schooling for students who choose a non-monastic life.

For these students, life becomes one of basic subsistence especially since the Indian government does not consider them citizens, but instead stateless refugees.

BSL would like to offer vocational training skills to these children and other Bon Children so that on their return to their home villages or cities, they will have the skills needed to support themselves and their families.

We believe that these children and their families deserve the opportunity to succeed and thrive. Bön has a profound respect for nature and endeavor to heal both the natural and human environments through their work.  We envision a complex that will showcase ecologically progressive design reflecting the cultural sensitivities of this community.  The complex will house 60 students on-site per year and 10-15 faculty and staff and be designed to welcome local businesses through outreach and the development of internships and continuing education.  Our goal is to have a self-sustaining complex by year five.  The possibility of additional schools in Nepal, Mongolia and Tibet are  being contemplated. The vocational education will be made available to all students from India, Nepal, Tibet and elsewhere.